Student Tutoring 
And Recreation (STAR) Staff

     Within our 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, it's hard to find a worker who does not give a hundred percent. The Student Tutoring and Recreation (STAR) Staff is no different. These students help make our program a success throughout the 2000-2001 school year and summer programs on their own time and initiative. 

Members of our STAR staff serve as helpers, mentors, and big brothers and sisters to the students in the program.  If you are interested in becoming a STAR staff member for the 2001-2002 school year, contact the 21st CCLC office.

STAR Staff- Afterschool Volunteers

During our first year, over twenty juniors and seniors from Anadarko High School served as volunteers for the after school programs.  These students earned the President's Student Service Award for volunteering at least 100 hours of community service.  Most seniors are also working toward the AmeriCorps Scholarship sponsored by SMART START which involves a commitment of 475 hours to a community service organization.


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STAR Staff 2000-2001

STAR 2001 Summer

STAR Staff 2001-2002

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