Project Staff

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Project Staff is made up of hard-working teachers and educators who go above and beyond the call of duty. From coordinating, planning, and teaching, each staff member shows their unique strengths and skills. Always dedicated and working with a desire to give more, the 21st CCLC staff soars beyond all expectations in taking the Anadarko Public Schools after-school programs to the limits.  The site coordinators attended the National Community Education Conference conferences.

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Project Director

Sandra Poolaw

Project Secretary

Janice Worcester

Site Coordinators

Sunset Elementary

Beverly Kenedy

East Elementary

Lucy McMillan

Mission Elementary

Laura Rogers

Anadarko Middle School

Kelly McGlothlin

Anadarko High Schools

Robin Roberts

The 21st CCLC has an Advisory Board.  Members of the board include the site coordinators, as well as other people in the Anadarko community. This page is currently under construction, but if you would like to see these members, click here!

Anadarko Public Schools
21st Century Community Learning Centers Office
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Anadarko, OK 73005
Phone (405)247-5485

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