21st Century Community Learning Center Information

Through a partnership between the American Indian Institute, College of Continuing Education, University of Oklahoma, five 21st Century Community Learning Centers have been established to serve the children and community of Anadarko.  The centers provide after school, weekend, and summer activities that focus on academic improvement, college/career preparedness, computers/technology, wellness and healthy lifestyles, strengthening parental involvement, and cultural awareness and sensitivity.  The project is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, 21st Century Community Learning Centers program through the Anadarko Public School District.

Program Goal

To establish community learning centers that provide supervised, safe, and substance-free, after school, summer, and summer school based programs for expanded learning opportunities for students, their families, and our community


  • To increase awareness of science, math, and technology-related careers
  • To increase knowledge of early college preparation and post-high school educational opportunities
  • To increase cultural awareness and sensitivity through promoting diversity education



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